LADY OF MALLOW by Dorothy Eden


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Another romantic drama in fancy dress follows last year's Sleep in the Woods (and a long succession of others which have appeared in England) and while not overly original, it is attractive and absorbing. Sarah Mildmay, whose name is a contradiction and whose independence of curiosity and spirit the Victorian era has not been able to subdue, is to marry Ambrose Mallow, providing that he will inherit Mallow Hall. But Blane, his cousin, returns after a twenty year absence in the West Indies, with a petulant wife-Amalie, and an unnaturally frightened child-Titus, to claim his inheritance-so that both Ambrose and Sarah are anxious to prove that the arrogant adventurer is also an impostor. Over and above Blane's charm and convenient case of amnesia, there is much to interest Sarah: his locked door marriage; the appearance, and disappearance of a Mrs. Stone whose death is later revealed; Amalie's hatred of Sarah, and Titus' fear of Amalie which is more than justified. In the final scene of restitution, Sarah also makes the right choice for her own future... A plumply plotted tale for an available and susceptible feminine audience.

Pub Date: Jan. 5th, 1961
Publisher: Coward-McCann