A WET MONDAY by Dorothy Edwards


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A picture book that seems intended for easy reading, considering the school-age narrator and the choppy, repetitive simplicity of the text: ""Monday again. Look at it. Rain, rain, rain. Mom's fed up. Dad's fed up. Tracy's fed up. I'm fed up. Toby's fed up."" And so on through the day, when everyone's late, Mom's boss is mad, Dad hurts his hand, ""I"" hit a boy, Tracy sulks, and Toby the dog, who wasn't walked, messes on the floor. Accompanied by Williams' bright-colored but prosaic pictures, this doesn't offer much beyond surface recognition--and, over here, the English author will lose even that in her upbeat ending with Mom fixing ""tea.

Pub Date: Aug. 11th, 1976
Publisher: Morrow