MY LAMP IS BRIGHT by Dorothy Evelyn Smith


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An expensive, emotional and leisurely recapitulation of a life and longlasting love, this tells of Christine Bentley from childhood on, her devotion to her father, her mother, and to the young brother with the crippled arm- Humpy. And also, at eight, there was the meeting with Johnny Weatherhead, a farmer, for whom her love was never to waver. As the years bring growing poverty to her parents, and the increased demands of Humpy, spoiled, erratic, Christine finally agrees to marry her wealthy cousin Charles- for what he can do for her family. The sacrifice is invalidated when her parents die and Humpy throws up his chance at Oxford, and Charles, cold, fastidious, gives nothing save money to their marriage. In the meantime, Johnny, out of pity, is caught in marriage to Charles' sister Rhoda, and it is not until Charles' death, Rhoda's defection, that Christine and Johnny are free for each other... A Victorian sentimentality here, which matches the mood of place (English) and period, and gives this its appeal chiefly for a conservative, feminine audience.

Pub Date: July 27th, 1949
Publisher: Dutton