WHAT OTHER ANSWER? by Dorothy Fremont Grant
Kirkus Star


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A ""convert book"" that is different, that will challenge Catholics and non-Catholics alike. It is directed to the non-Catholic who is sincerely seeking the whys and wherefores; to the Catholic who is hesitant in sharing or expressing the knowledge of the way to safe anchorage. It is a book which gives the sense of spiritual adventure and discovery, of searching the meaning of Catholic teaching, worship and sacraments. There is something of the Catholic view of the function of women in wartime, of the challenge to the Pope, of the responsibility of the schools today, of the problems of race and color, of Catholic militancy, of confession and penance. It is done with a contagious and enthusiasm. Here is no apologia. And there is underlying it a feeling of a person accustomed to the ""social front"" -- talking to others of her own class.

Publisher: Bruce