THE ECHOING WAVE by Dorothy Giberson


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Susan de Vaux is summoned by the dying Helen Stirling (she has a ""dark arcanum"" to reveal)- as well as a dream- to Cotter's Beach on Puget Sound where Susan had spent the summers of her youth, and at fifteen had fallen in love with David Stirling (Helen's son). The hours now following her return are filled with the resurgent memories of that romance; of her determination- at 18- to marry David, in spite of the cold, and unexplained, hatred of his mother; of David's sudden revocation of their love- and his death; and now- many years later- the Revelation which is overdue but not overly surprising (he was her half-brother)..... At best, a sort of sentimental suspense tenderized by the young romance, but never approaching du Maurier (despite the publishers)- it's hard to believe that when it's over, all over, we're left in the ""rending lurch of grief"" with one of the really venerable cliche situations and not much else. . . Well, it's almost summer.

Publisher: Coward-McCann