FOUR PARTY LINE by Dorothy Gilman Butters


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The story of four very different girls in an eastern town, who never knew each other before they started work at the telephone company, sensibly combines careers, romance and personal growth. The girls are Francine who wants to go to Wellesley; Tippy a gay soul helping to support her family; Peggy, married to a very sick Andy; and Mary, who wants to make it possible to move her mother, a charwoman, away from Railroad Avenue. The circumstances which bring them together provide a focus for changes in their lives. Francine, turned down by Wellesley, finds solid satisfaction in a goal of nursing. Andy's illness worsens, and when he goes to the hospital, Tippy offers her apartment to Peggy. Then Tippy's romance with her dentist turns into the real thing and they marry, so that with Andy's recovery, Tippy's apartment is freed for Mary and her mother. Heartening, and on firmer ground than the author's former The Calico Year.

Pub Date: Oct. 18th, 1954
Publisher: Macrae Smith