MARIE TANGLEHAIR by Dorothy Heiderstadt


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Marie, a rebellious Huron Indian girl, spends a year being tamed at an Ursuline convent school in 17th century French Canada. Her attempted escape toward home is thwarted when she meets, by fantastic coincidence, 5-year-old Anne, who has been wandering in the woods for three days without food. Marie takes the child back to the Sisters, and then the news comes that warring Iroquois have completely destroyed her home villages, killing her family. The Mother Superior's secret feeling is that this tragedy is a hidden blessing, for another Indian girl will now be saved. The events are hurried, and the characters unexplored, and it is all contrived. And, it is a means of saying that God works in mysterious ways which puts Christian charity in a very odd perspective.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1965
Publisher: McKay