HUNTERS AND THE HUNTED: Surviving in the Animal World by Dorothy Hinshaw Patent

HUNTERS AND THE HUNTED: Surviving in the Animal World

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Though this shorter, less demanding introduction is more a sampling than a stimulating investigation like most of Patent's books, it nonetheless offers a clear, sharp, smartly organized view--made all the clearer and sharper by the excellent photos--of prey animals' defenses and predators' weapons and ploys for breaking through them. Describing each case succinctly, Patent leads easily from the aphids' waxy scales, and the secretions that win ants' protection for some honeydew aphids, to other animals' chemical defenses against ants; from lions' cooperative stalking to the ""safety in numbers"" of fish schools; from sea stars' remarkable assaults on shellfish to shrimps' persistent invasion of sea stars' tough outer shells. With due, if not new, defense of the predators' place in nature, a strong contender for survival.

Pub Date: April 15th, 1981
Publisher: Holiday House