ARABIAN HORSES by Dorothy Hinshaw Patent


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Like Patent's Horses of America (p. 204, J-46), this is an album for horse lovers, without the natural history scope and evolution insights of her earlier animal books, which include last year's Horses and Their Wild Relatives. As such, though, it is trim and informative, with a general profile of the traits and ""personality"" that make the Arabian desirable; a history of its introduction and selective interbreeding in various European countries (producing the Thoroughbred in England, a particularly sturdy strain in Poland, and so on); official definitions of the categories of part-Arabians often crossbred today; a look at Arabians in action in endurance contests, races, and shows; and, not the least attraction for the likely audience, an abundance of full-page photos that fill slightly more space than the text does.

Pub Date: May 1st, 1982
Publisher: Holiday House