FAREWELL TO TROY by Dorothy Johnson
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* ""I am named Priam for my grandfather who was the last king of Troy,"" begins this ""eyewitness"" account of the Trojan War, by the young Trojan prince whose destiny, Cassandra had said, was to wander in the land of the enemy. Following the defeat of the city, which is vividly described, he became separated from the group of survivors led by Aeneas. Masquerading as the grandson of his Greek slave, he was brought by a Greek ship to Tiryas. The two wandered to Delphi, where Priam received a message from the oracle that he bore a double treasure and was seeking a New Troy. His adventures; which include saving a princess and introducing the Phoenician alphabet to her father, and his reunion with his uncle Helenus, make exciting reading. This is a well thought-out and convincing reconstruction of the Trojan War and of the Greek civilization of the period, as told by a very sensitive boy, whose sense of personal integrity is climaxed by the freeing of his slave.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1964
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin