THE PRACTICAL PUPPY BOOK by Dorothy Keasby L'Hommedieu
Kirkus Star


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This is the sort of book that should be required reading for every dog owner and far and away the best book on the subject I have ever read. Perhaps I should admit the reason I am so wildly enthusiastic is because I have found the author's views absolutely practicable, simple and sound in my own experience with dogs. She loves them and understands them and treats them as the definite personalities they are -- advises the study of each individual in the case of feeding, dosing, etc., and gives excellent advice on training and breeding. It should certainty be stocked in sufficient quantity to have a display in your window and another in a conspicuous place in your shop. Satisfactory dog books are hard to find and if you stock and display them you will be amply rewarded. The illustrations are photographs of the most irresistible puppies and one of combs, brushes, etc. These illustrations will be made into a display poster for your window. Be sure you order one and use it.

Publisher: (Windward House) Derrydale