MR. BREMBLE'S BUTTONS by Dorothy Langley
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Mr. Bremble, fleeing from an overpurposeful wife is first a fugitive within himself with his preoccupation with mental word making and buttons. But aroused by the , organizational world of his wife, by cruelty masked as humor, by prejudice, bias and social dogma, he finds solace in God and good, champions an unmarried mother, a disbanded mission, a problem child, a persecuted minister. An old house and its new mistress reveal how his beliefs can really work; his bouts with a psychiatrist, at his wife's demand, prove that- with God all for him- he can confuse all his wife's issues. But he cannot keep her from the closing of the old house and the departure of his new friend. With this retreat closed, Mr. Bremble really lets loose, and God, His lamb shorn once too often, collects His good friend. Fantasy and commentary that has bright and funny, sad and cynical, but never sentimental moments, and offers an antidote for too serious fare.

Pub Date: April 11th, 1947
Publisher: Simon & Schuster