THE BARRIER by Dorothy Lee Tina


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A rather light- if smooth- treatment of a serious concept, this shadowboxes with the fascinating, frightening possibility of euthanasia, has its moments of drama synthetic, as they may be. Harriot, a homely and unshapely woman of thirty five, shackled to the senility of her mother, fancies herself in love with Hugh Smith, a local (California) gardener and a four-bit Romeo who uses her to make time with the cashier in a cafeteria. With the meeting with an older man, George Ellison, it is George who gives her the idea of cutting short her mother's life as a service to herself, and to her mother. Harriot, who rationalizes the crime she contemplates, does not admit to herself that it is only a means of getting Hugh, while George to redeem the life he had taken (his wife's) tries to deflect her from the intention he had initiated... By the author of Occupation Housewife, this is slick stuff which could carry over into the suspense field and is chiefly for rent.

Pub Date: Oct. 12th, 1950
Publisher: Rinehart