BLUE SMOKE by Dorothy Lyons


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Dorothy Lyons has written books about different kinds of horsemanship and horses- one about polo, Red Embers (1948) another about a girl recovering from polio on an Arizona ranch, Dark Sunshine (1951). This rather sentimental story of growing friendship between a girl and a roan quarterhorse on a California dude ranch is a savoury dish for equestrians- but may sate readers who want more than Type-A (or Type Z) personalities and horse-horse-horse-horse. Young Andrea and her widowed mother are about to open their ranch when ailing Pop Reed and Blue Smoke, whom he is taking around to various races and shows, stop to rest. Girl and horse become friends and when Pop dies of a heart attack he leaves the horse to Andrea. But the black sheep of Pop's family intervene before his last will is found and the inheritance- in a remarkable situation- verified. Meanwhile guests and helpful friends have come to the ranch and the future is fast.

Pub Date: Sept. 24th, 1953
Publisher: Harcourt, Brace