PENNIES AND MILLIONS by Dorothy M. Armbruster


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The personal story of a woman who had planned to be a missionary but found herself working in a bank during the first world war. And from a lowly clerical post she rose to the responsible office of consultant for women depositors at the old Fifth Avenue Bank, famous for its carriage trade service. This is perhaps first a human interest story of her intimate relationship with women of all financial status, her ability to give them confidence so that they consulted her on personal as well as financial problems. She proved to be a woman not only of sound commonsense but of financial acumen. Her story is episodic -- each little incident a story in itself. For good reasons she has concealed actual names Betty Green the sole exception. Possibly the basic advice on all kinds of financial matters, from budgeting to investing, is important but of secondary interest, though individuals, investment counsellors, banks, etc. will not find this aspect of her book unimportant. This could prove a ""sleeper"" for women who want to know- but don't know how to go about acquiring- an intelligent understanding of the financial power in their hands. But as a record of a rich and happy life, this is memorable.

Publisher: Doubleday