AT THE FOOT OF THE MOUNTAIN: Stories from the Book of Exodus by Dorothy M. sser

AT THE FOOT OF THE MOUNTAIN: Stories from the Book of Exodus

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Many of the Bible stories are so compact and told with such an economy of words that the modern reader does not easily grasp their full meaning. Dorothy M. Slusser is anxious to correct this, so she re-tells these stories by using quite justifiably her own knowledge and imaginations to reduce the vernacular of Hebrew experience to the vernacular of our own daily experience, thus successfully communicating to modern readers the message the stories originally sought to convey,- the truth about God's relationship to man. It is the message of love and the gift of freedom which is made freshly available, and the reader will get the message from the re-telling of the familiar story of the lives and times of Moses and Jacob. She has not attempted to deal with the chronological or historical difficulties inherent in the material, but she writes with a full knowledge of what they are. Such a book will send the reader back to the Bible with all his senses more alert to the treasure to be mined there.

Publisher: Westminster Press