FISHING MEMORIES by Dorothy Noyes Arms
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This was reported in the Sporting Supplement but deserves a general sale so we are repeating the report. Most people can readily picture the Arms bicycling through the cathedral towns of France or England, but when told that Dorothy Arms has written her fishing memoirs, they will be startled into buying the book. And they wont regret it. Fishermen are accepted but fisherwomen are apt to bring to mind fishing villages rather than a daring bride on her wedding trip, with walking skirt six inches from the ground, stout high-buttoned shoes and rubbers, sloshing through Maine woods, never dreaming of future comforts with slacks and waders. A delightful tale that will interest and encourage women anglers and give the men the chance of a lifetime to fish with a woman who can camp, cast and compete with the best of them. Arms' charm galore.

Pub Date: Oct. 4th, 1938
Publisher: Macmillan