DONKEY YSABEL by Dorothy O. Van Woerkom


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Papa's purchase of a car is the occasion for Van Woerkom's little joke on Donkey Ysabel. At first Ysabel thinks the car is a new cart for her to pull, but when it takes off by itself she decides it's a strange new donkey. The car's broken foot (tire) on the way to church sends the family back to Ysabel--and Ysabel off to her favorite job of the week; later her fortune improves when Papa decides to use the car for everyday field work but take Ysabel to market and church. Somewhat unconventional of Papa, but a satisfactory solution for Ysabel--and for readers who identify with her sense of displacement. Meanwhile Ysabel's mis-identification of her rival is good for a knowing-better laugh.

Pub Date: Oct. 30th, 1978
Publisher: Macmillan