BANDOLEER by Dorothy Potter Benedict


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The trilogy which began with Pagan the Black and Fabulous, is concluded with this volume. Sandy Seaton and his adopted sister Misty are now in their early twenties, and their interests have extended beyond horses and the ranch. Although Sandy's state of mind is reflected in his attitude towards the new colt, Bandoleer, Miss Benedict's primary concern is not the young people's devotion to their half-wild horses. She focuses on Sandy's reaction to Misty's involvement with a respectable young dude-lawyer. Sandy struggles with the new feelings he has for Misty, and is tormented by the unspoken ift which has developed between them. Tragedy strikes when the beloved horse, Pagan, plunges to his death after Sandy has dismounted to save the young lawyer's life. But, Sandy returns to the ranch with new courage, and promptly asks Misty to marry him. The author's understanding of young people and their relationships is admirably expressed in a book which will delight young girls, expecially Miss Benedict's loyal readers. Early teens and up.

Publisher: Pantheon