LULLABY OF MURDER by Dorothy Salisbury Davis


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Davis' longtime heroine Julie Hayes (A Death in the Life, etc.) is just normally neurotic these days, working for Tony Alexander--the New York Daily's gossip columnist. But, when Tony's gunshot murder follows soon after the suicide of alcoholic press-agent Jay Phillips (whose wife went the same route ten years back), Julie is sure there's a connection. So off she goes, diligently digging into the long-ago Ohio past--while Lieutenant Marks centers the murder investigation on Tony's widow Fran and his lesbian stepdaughter Eleanor. (Tony was having a torrid affair with young actress Patti Royce.) And, before the messy windup, there'll also be suspicions about Patty's sleazy movie-producer Ron Morielli, small-time entrepreneur Morton Butts. . . and even Julie's old pal, Mafia boss Sweets Romano. A disappointing return for Julie--with heaps of talk and minimal suspense or action, ending up like an overcomplicated knitting project: all loose threads and no sweater.

Pub Date: April 24th, 1984
Publisher: Scribners