KIM FASHIONS A CAREER by Dorothy Shaftner


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... and Mrs. Shaftner, once a fashion coordinator at Macy's, has junior coordinated this bit about getting ahead with some moral agitprop about growing up... and learning the value of human relationships. Thus Kim, who has lots of ability and ambition, is momentarily slowed down by her father's heart attack (no more college-midway). She gets a job in a large department store but before long, experience applies a pinking shears to her filmy dreams of success as a buyer. She starts out in the stock room; she mistakes a comparison shopper for a shoplifter; and she learns the truth about her boyfriend Gary after his ""shocking request"" --you're wrong--he wants her to use her store discount to buy a frig for his fraternity. Anyway, one of the lessons that Kim learns in retailing which others refuse to accept in reviewing is that the customer is always right. Be it wrongheaded or just birdbrained, there are customers for this kind of book.

Pub Date: Nov. 1st, 1968
Publisher: Putnam