THE PRIMATES: The Story of Great Apes, Small Apes and Monkeys. by Dorothy Shuttlesworth

THE PRIMATES: The Story of Great Apes, Small Apes and Monkeys.

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With due regard for scientific classification and credit to the original observers -- Schaller on the gorilla, Jane Goodall and others on the chimpanzee -- Ms. Shuttlesworth has compiled a genus-by-genus report on the primates that is concise, informative, and -- if only because of the nature of the subject -- interesting. She weaves information about the animals in with accounts of the ethologists' observations or relevant anecdotes about families that have adopted various primates, exposing along the way the errors of those who drew conclusions from the behavior of captive animals. Shuttlesworth covers much the same territory that Jacquelyn Berrill surveys in Wonders of the Monkey World (1967), but she tells you more about each animal while viewing them all from a more enlightening perspective, and she has the added advantage of an excellent assortment of photographs, mostly from the Philadelphia Zoo, National Audubon Society, and American Museum of Natural History. For children still unsatisfied by this 100-page summary, the Young Readers' Edition of The Primates (1968) in the Life Nature Library continues to offer the fullest and most stimulating treatment at this level.

Pub Date: May 5th, 1972
Publisher: Doubleday