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Dismayed by the unpopularity which Americans are gaining abroad, the Carnegie Corporation has financed a research project to find out the reasons for this disturbing phenomenon. The authors have traveled far and wide wherever Americans work abroad, investigated local conditions, interviewed United States personnel, and extracted from local nationals some telling testimony. The results of all this labor have been put into this book, which suggests how the United States can more effectively prepare its citizens for their overseas responsibilities. The authors cover virtually every aspect of overseas American work. There are chapters on how overseas personnel are selected, the training programs or lack of same, the reasons why some Americans prefer living and working in foreign countries, the impact of foreign cultures on Americans, missionaries, American international business operations, overseas wives, and American children abroad. The third part of the book is devoted to an analysis of the factors which are of greatest importance in the effective performance of an overseas American, and the final section of the book offers an internationalized plan of studies for the future overseas American. In all, a thorough, interesting study with concrete findings and concrete suggestions which will be of value to the State Department, business concerns, and private citizens who seek the glamour of overseas work.

Publisher: McGraw-Hill