13 GHOSTS by Dorothy Spicer


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19 Witches (1963, p. 356-J-122) and 13 Monsters (1964, p. J-338) needed 19 Ghosts. The anthologist is committed to the number and to a pattern -- her previous books have been outstanding for the international roundup offered and she does the same for this popular subject. The Netherlands has contributed the most -- a phantom ship, hopping lights, a moving coffin and black bearded brownies. Japan has a strong entry based on the frailest of shades, ""The Spider Specter of the Pool."" Russia is represented in a vampire tale and Wales gives a weeping lady. They're really all quite chillingly good in the telling. Even better, these are not the familiar stories that have been endlessly reprinted.

Pub Date: Oct. 29th, 1965
Publisher: Coward-McCann