WALL STREET: The Story of the Stock Exchange by Dorothy Sterling

WALL STREET: The Story of the Stock Exchange

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The distribution of this book promises to be primarily an urban one- and perhaps originally in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and other large metropolitan centers of finance. For there the interest would be stimulated by occupational backgrounds and some assumption of familiarity. But close attention to this particular book, with its skillful and informed handling, suggests that a wider appeal could be stimulated. Here is the New York Stock Exchange, specifically, the history of Wall Street, how the exchanges began, something of the meaning of the stocks and bonds dealt with, and a guided tour of the exchanges themselves. From barter to the machinery and organization of modern exchanges, the story behind the purchase and sale of shares owned by some 7 million people in this country is told. A big subject reduced to terms anyone can understand.

Publisher: Doubleday