HI-PO THE HIPPO by Dorothy Thomas
Kirkus Star


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There seems to be a run on hippos this year, but we'll wager this will be tops for popularity, to those who can pay the price! The lithographs by Ruth Gannett are nonpareil, the best she has done. They succeed in making the world's ugliest creatures quite beguiling. One feels a human quality in their expressions, and this goes not only for the principals of the story, but for the extras, in much the same way that the Babar books do. The story is a cunning one -- about Mr. Hippo who definitely did not want a baby boy in the family, and of what happened when he tried to get rid of a baby left in a basket on the doorstep. There are no humans in the book -- which helps. The costumes of the Gay '90's are amusing, and the reproduction of the lithographs is perfect.

Publisher: Random House