REFUGEES: Anarchy or Organization? by Dorothy Thompson
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REFUGEES: Anarchy or Organization?

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This is an expansion of the article in the April issue of Foreign Affairs, the article which stimulated the State Department's action and the President's invitation to the 30 governments to discuss the refugee problem in its various aspects. Of this problem, Hamilton Fish Armstrong says in his preface, -- ""The civilized world must cope with that problem now or admit one more disintegrating defeat."" -- This slim book is full of meat. Not only is there a vivid backward look at refugee problems of the past and how they were handled, and a discussion of the achievements and future of the League activities in that direction, but there is a survey of the western world problem today, not only in relation to Nazi Germany and the Jews, but to political and religious refugees from Germany, Italy, Poland, Rumania and so on. She does not bogle at facts. She faces the difficulties, not only of the refugees themselves, but of the countries into which they are pouring, the question of possible absorption, the difficulties of increased unemployment. Then she makes definite, concrete and practical suggestions of possible solutions, not on the basis of charity, but on the basis of investment in new frontiers. And she makes, too, suggestions as to the financing of such schemes, once the territories where there are new frontiers are ascertained and prepared. It is a book for every thinking person who accepts a personal responsibility for a problem that is world wide, a responsibility for constructive rather than destructive argument today. This little book has been pushed through without chance for advance sale. Don't miss it. The Evian conference is starting on the 6th of July. This should tie in with that, on the ground of its news value.

Pub Date: July 5th, 1938
Publisher: Random House