LISTEN HANS! by Dorothy Thompson


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The impression conveyed by the publishers' advance information is that this is an expansion of Miss Thompson's shortwave broadcasts to Germany, by way of fulfilling her promise to a German friend of pre-war days to keep contact. Through these broadcasts for months she conveyed to listeners -- in the facts the Nazis kept from their people, facts dealing with Germany, actual conditions, methods, brutalities to conquered people, hopelessness of the victory promised by Hitler, and so on, as well as the facts they do not know about the broadening circle of preparedness around them, as America's might girds itself to the fight. All of this is included -- but the book is much more for the first half is a development of Miss Thompson's own approach to the problem, through historical analysis, a searching into the whys and hows of the Third Reich, and the fallacies. She studies also the social structure of Germany, pointing out which class must be re-educated before Germany can take her place in the comity of nations. She believes it is to these people that the right sort of hope, propaganda if you will must be held, a clarification of those things for which we fight. Clear-cut-challenging reading.

Pub Date: Nov. 27th, 1942
Publisher: Houghton, Mifflin