THE COUNTRY WIFE by Dorothy Van Doren


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Mrs. Mark Van Doren adds her testimony to that of her neighbor, Lewis Gannett (of Cream Hill), on the pros and cons of country living, and does it with individual grace and charm, though with- perhaps- less of originality than some of her fellows. It is pleasantly feminine in attack; there are aspects of the annual move out in the Spring which every city-to-country and back again trekker will read with chuckles of nostalgia and enjoyment. Some of the unorthodox viewpoints will be silently cheered -- her ideas on canning, on parties, on certain types of guests, on the glamour of being snowbound, etc. Struggles with the budget-particularly at Christmas- give the reader a warm feeling of comradeship with the family. The saga of the leaves in the Fall had me longing to ring her up and tell her of the solution we'd arrived at -- only to find the Van Doren's had her found one similiar to it. Episodic-- anecdotal- personal and fun, if you like to read about country living.

Publisher: William Sloane