BECKY AND THE BEAR by Dorothy Van Woerkom


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Like Janet Reachfar (see Duncan, above), eight-year-old Becky in colonial Maine proves her bravery to her Granny, father and brother, but Becky's feat is far more ingenious. Alone at home while the males are out hunting and Granny off tending a sick neighbor, Becky goes out to pick berries for supper and is chased into the house by a hungry bear that Margot Tomes makes scary indeed, and fearsomely close. With the bear digging under the door Becky is still not safe inside, but with true pioneer grit she tosses up a flip of rum and molasses and pushes it through the shutters to the hungry animal, who is passed out cold on the doorstep by the time the family returns. ""We'll have some good meals and a warm rug thanks to our clever Becky,"" says Father, and readers will be just as quick to applaud her spunk.

Pub Date: May 30th, 1975
Page count: 45pp
Publisher: Putnam