WALT DISNEY'S PINOCCHIO by Dorothy Walter told by Baruch


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The floods are upon us -- a Walt Disney Pinocchio picture means a deluge of versions of Pinocchio. Already noted -- an edition, unabridged, in Pocket Books. In the offing, a deluxe Random House edition, also with Disney pictures. This Heath edition will serve to introduce to bookshops and libraries, the series of Walt Disney Story Books, with which it is uniform. The two I have seen are Little Pig's Picnic and Other Stories told by Margaret Wise Brown and illustrated by the Disney studio; and School Days in Disneyville, -- Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse stories told by Caroline D. Emerson, also with Disney pictures. Interesting as a commentary on the attempt of the schools to keep abreast of the children's interests, even in beginning readers. Good type face, good page layout, good color reproduction. There is no trade edition of these books, but the school edition is available for bookshops and libraries....Now comes the Pinocchio, a successful retelling of the most popular incidents in a story that has complexities beyond the average small child's understanding. The birth of the little wooden puppet, his first misadventure, when he is kidnapped and sold to the theatre man; his second kidnapping and the imprisonment on Treasure Island; and his escape and the rescue of his father from the whale.

Pub Date: Dec. 1st, 1939
Publisher: Heath