NICODEMUS by Dorothy Welworth


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Four, in search of an answer, for a questioning novel of modern values, and the solution, as found at least partially, in faith. Job Tatum, fashionable minister, in middle years is beginning to doubt the sincerity of his belief. He escapes to the slum level for a time, gets a firmer sense of conviction, and returns to his church. Paralleled and contrasted with him are Nick Romney, actor, married too young, too superficial Mlita, and recognizing too late the worthlessness of her attractions; Gladys, in love with a private who is killed overseas, and whose ignorant idealism brings her to the church which fails to give her the answer; Laura, whose middle-aged, meaningless existence lead her from panacea to panacea -- and eventually to religion. No dogma, but a resolution to some extent of human failure and bewilderment through the higher powers of the church. Handled with a nice sense of values -- but without the popular appeal that a similar theme focused on one character (as in Keys of the Kingdom, The Gauntlet etc.) has for the general public.

Pub Date: Feb. 21st, 1945
Publisher: Houghton, Mifflin