BEECH HAVEN by Dorothy Worley


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Juliet Gaylor is and the shock of divorce leaves her numb to any kind of relationship or interest. Demanding the custody of the children, she hides herself away at Beech Haven in Maine and, in escaping, reality, arouses the curiosity of Gregory, who sets Charlotte Fielding on Julie's trail, but it is not until Dr. Bruce Fielding, Charlotte's brother, comes to take care of her daughter's case of measles, that Julie begins to respond. It is through many little incidents that she realizes the wholesomeness of her new surroundings and friends; a trip with her aunt does not change her opinion and the return of her husband, wanting another chance, intensifies her longing for Beech Haven and all it stands for. Fate steps in so that she and Bruce are free for each other. This tries harder to tackle a sober situation -- but remains as cardboard as its covers.

Publisher: Avalon