CHITA by Dorr Yeager


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This is one of a series of true nature stories, by the author of Scarface The Story of a Grizzly. A readable tale of a mountain lion, largest of the cat family, known as a cougar in our western mountains. Chita and her brothers were born in Tahosa Valley, and the story traces the capture of Chita, the rescue by her mother, and her training in stalking, killing, eluding the enemy, chief among them man. With her mother's death, Chita is recaptured, and for a time was caged and exhibited at a roadside restaurant. Then she was released and went back to her mountains to mate and raise her own family, and finally to die in a forest fire. The story is told sympathetically by a man who knows nature, but one could wish he had made it only the story of Chita and left out the ranchers.

Pub Date: April 16th, 1945
Publisher: Knopf