MIDNIGHT BABY: An Autobiography by Dory Previn

MIDNIGHT BABY: An Autobiography

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Only a partial autobiography, being the loosely associated, postprimal screaming of Dory Previn (former child performer Dorothy Langan, now successful film songwriter) who never really got past age ten or got over being, or rather not being, daddy's girl. (Chronological years later she swallowed pills.) Anyway this midnight baby spends her time commuting between her shredded childhood, with parents who brutalized each other, and the Catholicism in which she was instructed, adding evil and Mortal Sin to the confusion of her own small, tainted self. The way she tells it, according to whatever comes into her sick head, doesn't quite put anything together except herself--a battered child who barely made it. But now is willing to make the most of it. With still more media attention-getting to come?

Pub Date: Nov. 5th, 1976
Publisher: Macmillan