THE FAST LANE DIET by Dottie Dekko


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A throwback to the super-low-calorie days, this regimen's gimmick is a make-it-yourself diet drink as meal substitutes. Dekko starts by explaining how busy she is. Extensive self-testing follows so that readers can find out if they're as busy. If so, she offers variations on her basic theme: a very low calorie diet in which the Fast Lane Diet Drink (skim milk powder, water, corn oil, vanilla, artificial sweetner) substitutes for some meals (Caution: Vitamin supplementation is a necessity here). Readers can choose a specific regimen based on their particular need to lose, and on personal habits. The ""Passing Lane Diet,"" for ""type B fastlaners"" is based on convenience foods--the drink for breakfast and lunch, but for dinner, such appetizing fare as a Stouffer's frozen beef stroganoff dinner, or one Taco Bell bean burrito. Supporting tips are also in the leftover class: ""Take a few deep breaths whenever the thought of food crosses your mind; it will help curb your appetite."" Readers can quite easily do far better than this. Old-fashioned and out of date.

Pub Date: May 9th, 1985
Publisher: McGraw-Hill