COME SWING WITH ME by Doug & Larry Sheehan Sanders


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Don't be misled by the title -- more wrist than hip movement is involved. It's the story of a Georgia boy who made it big -- from cotton-picker in his hometown of Cedartown in Polk County to top-notch golfer and celebrity. Sanders went on to win twenty important pro tournaments and nearly a million dollars during his fifteen years on tour. He also went through two divorces, custody fights, shaky business deals and assorted sporting slumps which are not interesting enough to call for an instant replay. No tee-totaler, Sanders experienced conflicting drives which he dubs Hagen (""the spirit of fun and laughter"") and Hogan (""the desire to win""). As you can imagine, it's all here -- the practical jokes and hustling, the caddies and cads -- but without any of the champagne touches of the late Tony Lema's personable account of a few years ago.

Pub Date: April 19th, 1974
Publisher: Doubleday