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by Doug TenNapel ; illustrated by Doug TenNapel

Age Range: 9 - 12

Pub Date: June 1st, 2013
ISBN: 978-0-545-48382-7
Publisher: Graphix/Scholastic

A young boy loses his beloved dog, only to have him return as a feisty and lovable T-Rex.

Ely and Tommy are inseparable. Tommy might not be the best-behaved dog—he digs up Ely’s mother’s garden and steals bacon from the breakfast table—but he is loyal to Ely, and their bond is palpable. When Tommy meets a tragic end, Ely decides to spend the summer working at his grandfather’s farm. After being chased by a bully named Randy, he stumbles upon a gentle (and full-sized) T-Rex who reminds him of a certain dog he used to know. While Ely’s love for the prehistoric creature is immediate, the other townsfolk must be persuaded. When a plea to win their affections goes terribly wrong, Ely must again face the possibility of losing a friend. This colorized reprint of TenNapel’s 2004 indie graphic novel lacks some of the sophistication of his more recent works, relying more on crude humor to drive aspects of the story forward than on subtler techniques. However, his trademark inventiveness and depth are still present, making this an excellent offering for any dog lover or for anyone looking for a tale of friendship.

An enjoyable mixed bag of potty humor, insightfulness and the powerful bonds between a pet and its owner. (Graphic fantasy. 9-12)