SURVIVE THE SAVAGE SEA by Dougal Robertson


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In 1968, more in the spirit of pesky banter than serious intent, nine year-old Neff Robertson asked, ""Daddy's a sailor, why can't we go round the world?"" ""Why not?"" thought Dougal. Why not sell his North Staffordshire dairy farm and take the family -- wife Lyn, a trained nurse; twins Neff and Sandy; older daughter Anne -- on an educational ocean voyage? So the decision was made and three years later the Robertsons and a young friend set out to circumnavigate the globe in the Lucette, an aged but seaworthy 43-foot schooner -- an adventure which would test their tenacity, resourcefulness, and, most of all, their courage. On June 15, 1972, the Lucette was attacked and sunk in the Pacific by three killer whales and thus begun a harrowing 39-day effort to remain afloat, to survive against awful odds. The log of this journey of six against a cruel sea is an exciting adventure tale of real-life ingenuity and guts. For the same readership which has enjoyed Monsarrat's stories and marveled over the Chichester exploits.

Pub Date: Aug. 27th, 1973
ISBN: 0924486732
Publisher: Praeger