PEOPLE WORKING by Douglas Florian


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Another series of loose, comic-style scenes, like last year's City, but without the first book's sequential thread or multiplicity of stimuli. Instead, we have separate scenes of people working ""on the water"" (hauling up fish), ""on the land"" (logging, laying a cable), ""high in the air"" (on a skyscraper scaffold but with a background view of balloon, plane, birds, and helicopter rather than the usual dizzying perspective), ""deep underground"" (in a coal mine), ""in offices"" (this one deals with weather data), and so on. There's a shepherd, a painter, an orchestra, a crew rolling out a newspaper (""Harold's Tribune"")--none of them very imaginative or state-of-the-art choices, and none of them very lively as pictured, though cheerful and various enough for a utilitarian survey.

Pub Date: March 9th, 1983
Publisher: Crowell