AIRPLANE RIDE by Douglas Florian


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Larky scenes of a helmeted-and-goggled pilot in a small, open-cockpit plane--in the seat-of-the-pants spirit of the Twenties. Supposedly (per the flap copy and the title-page vignette), the intrepid pilot is flying across the US; presumably, from east to west. But mostly these are assorted, unconnected snaps: flying ""with the wind"" over a bay-ful of boats, upside-down over city towers (""A neat trick""), through ""Heavy Traffic"" (over heavy traffic below). Also: doing a handstand on the wing over a woodsy area (""Time for exercise"")--before proceeding through ""Snow"" and ""Blue Skies,"" between mountains (""Close call"") and over desert (""Smoke signals""), to a cheery landing-field ""Welcome!"" Some potential as an airborne tour of the US, some vicarious adventuring--but unfocused, unrealistic, ultimately inexplicable.

Pub Date: March 28th, 1984
Publisher: Crowell