CAROLINA GOLD by Douglas McBriarty


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A third outing for country-boy Sheriff Pete McPhee--this time out called to the trailer of scared, flaky, jewelry entrepreneur Stacey: her partner Terry is missing, and someone's been skulking around the place. When Terry's body is discovered in a cave near their gold-extracting setup, McPhee's suspects include: Nelson, now living in Stacey's trailer; Ansel and his ripe young wife Reba, who owned the land the kids were mining and got a cut of their take; the lawyer who set up the deal for them (and who may be keeping Reba company when she says she's off in the cabin weaving). And then, of course, there's old crazy Zack, who disapproved of the kids' morals and took after Stacey with a gun. With the help of deputy Billy Birdsong's Cherokee relative, an assayer, McPhee uncovers a big-bucks motive, but another murder, an RV wreck, and an accidental death intrude before he can close the ease. Routine, easy-going--with a likable cast of regulars.

Pub Date: Jan. 9th, 1990
Publisher: St. Martin's