SCHEHERAZADE by Douglas Parkhiest


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If you are a Siamese cat you may like the book. If you are a person really nuts for Siamese cats you may be able to profit by the coyly proffered information. Scheherazade's memoirs and pointers have all the sag and coo usually associated with ladies' magazine articles on the combat of housemaid's knee as written by chummy movie stars. The late Mehitabel once said to me, ""Kook, my toothsome tidbit, nothing worth reading has ever been written by an animal. That's why Archy is so good. All the best writers are bugs."" What Mehitabel would probably have said about Sherry's entre nous recollections of birth, diet, toilet training and grooming is enough to curl my feathers.

Pub Date: Sept. 26th, 1963
Publisher: Prentice-Hall