DESERT HAPPY by Douglas Rigby


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The Rigbys, man and wife, journeyed to Arizona believing it was ""the thing to do""- and zoologically, entomologically, horticulturally, geologically, on a very informal, amateur basis, it was. They became intimate with a mouse, lizards, birds of every sort, squirrels, and coyote. They learned about the multitude of desert vegetation and flowers, and about soil, climate, and the simpler facts of desert ecology. The two were soon steeped in the lore and literature of the Southwest- which is set forth briefly, somewhat refurbished, in these pages. Humanwise, the Rigbys observed themselves and fellow man meeting the crisis of a fire; and a boy from the East, through his love for horses, was startingly helped to grow up. But humanity in general doesn't figure in the narrative. Pleasant enough parlor reminiscing, but that's the extent of it.

Publisher: Lippincott