KILLER ON THE TRACK by Douglas Rutherford


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The checkered flag waves again in this follow-up to The Gunshot Grand Prix. Young Akidotrained Tim Ryder is once more in back of the dash with a pit crew that includes his tag-along brother Nick and lap-chart scorer girlfriend Kate. Mysterious track accidents combined with a series of gruesome murders -- asphyxiation by fire extinguisher -- catapult Tim into the #1 suspect driver's seat at the same time that he's dueling snaky Spanish charmer Manuel Romero for the top position on the Cobham Racing Team. The thinly-disguised culprit turns out to be a moody mechanic who foams his discontent at his employers for not giving him the chance to get behind the steering wheel. Despite all the stop-and-go complications, Tim goes on to win the hotly-contested Formula II race. There's plenty of circuit action -- and any loose wheel nuts in the plot won't cause mental blow-outs.

Pub Date: Oct. 7th, 1974
Publisher: Bradbury