CASTLES FROM THE AIR by Douglas Simpson


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Scribner established its English Countryside Serves years ago, to the delight of those who love England. But in all of that series, the material included in this unique book somehow did not register, other than as isolated instances. Here the medieval feudal England of history and romance seems to come alive again as serial photography makes possible looking down on- and into- the surprisingly large number of castles of that period still standing. In some instances, to be sure, the buildings are virtually in ruin, but the ats, the earthworks, the shells of towers and battlements bear witness to what they once were. England, Scotland and Wales provided rich harvest; the castles are alphabetically arranged for ready reference (one wishes there had been end paper maps, with locations indicated), and an introductory text gives the social and historical background. Expanded captions highlight points of interest about each castle photographed. Of definite travel interest as well as good social history supplement.

Publisher: Scribner