LEE'S LIEUTENANTS by Douglas Southall Freeman
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No advance material on this, so you will have seen the reviews before this reaches you. Sorry, but we are sure you would have stocked the book on the basis of the author's R. E. Lee. In this new project, he is issuing volume one of this multiple biography of the Civil War of the prominent figures in command; the period covered is Manassas to Malvern Hill. Don't look at this as a fragmentary piece of historical and biographical work. It stands on its own as a brilliant piece of scholarship, enlivened -- as was the Lee --with a sense of personalities, drama, conflict, a psychological as well as a factual and human history of the war, the times, and the complex interrelations. Beauregard, Johnson, Magruder, Hill, Garnett, Stuart, Ewell, Smith, ""Stonewall"" Jackson, Longstreet --these are the main figures of the period.

Publisher: Scribner