THE YELLOW EARL by Douglas Sutherland


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The fabulous life of Hugh Lonsdale, Fifth Earl of Lonsdale, is here warmly recalled with wit, awe and urbanity. Lonsdale was a colorful figure and newspaper celebrity associated with the sporting world. His highly visible trademark was the color yellow: he had a yellow cab, yellow cars (by the dozen), yellow labrador retrievers, and was known by the press as ""The Yellow Man,"" ""The Yellow Earl"" or simply as ""Lordy."" He came into his title (and unwelcome duties) in his middle twenties when his elder brother died of alcoholism, And he began spending money in a yellow flood--of gold: gambling, rearranging his estate and so on. He was childless, though happily married, and knew he would have no heirs; so he spent as much as he could. (Some quiet liaisons are hinted at.) Intimate with such diverse figures as Buffalo Bill Cody and Lily Langtry (whom he tried to steal as his mistress from the Prince of Wales), he is best remembered as a sportsman and a boxing sponsor... An idiosyncratic fascination diffused through three eras.

Pub Date: Jan. 31st, 1965
Publisher: Cow?