MAN'S VAST FUTURE by Dr. A. Powell Davies


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The rector of All Souls' Church in Washington has packed a good deal of substance for thought into these brief pages. In seeking an approach to a definition of democracy he has explored it from three specific angles:- democracy as a faith; democracy is a way of life; democracy as a universal purpose. He gives a succinct historical review of the background, from the first realization that man could shape his life as expressed by he Jews and the early Christians, the brief blaze of glory in Athens, the long decline, to the emergence of Marx to challenge the dogmatic materialism into which the world was drifting. He shows how Russia, her face turned west, her people asking for democracy, is given only the shell and a new form of tyranny, a philosophy of hatred and denial,-denial of any conflict of opinion, of morality. He sees democracy as a fluid society, requiring self reliance, acceptance of equality, a universal purpose, if we would save it for the world. Democracy must be made ascendent; it's up to each one of us to live it....Here is one of these small books that may help.

Pub Date: Aug. 22nd, 1951
Publisher: Farrar, Straus & Young