YOUR ARTHRITIS by Dr. Alfred E. Phelps


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If you have arthritis you are in the company of several million others; and history and science indicate that your disease has been recognizable' from the ape man down. What is news, however, is that medicine can cure 75 per cent of you. This book is a frank discussion of what is known, what is guessed, and what can be done about it. Faulty notions of causes and cures are disposed of summarily; nomenclature is clarified, the wide range of probable causes discussed, the relation of diet, of exercise, of rest, of mental therapy, of physical therapy considered. There is a chapter on reducing diets, and there is a good deal of iconoclastic disruption of food fads. The final chapters suggest ways in which the patient can help.

Pub Date: June 9th, 1943
Publisher: Morrow